One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Be part of ZoeK fashion storytelling today!

Trust the energy of the eye-catching drawings & become a conscious style collector of fresh & fine jacket designs.

Who We Are?

International, enthusiastic, & energetic, ZoeK is an emerging Greek brand that transforms fashion storytelling to a one-of-a-kind jacket experience.

Soft & powerful,

beautiful & fresh, 

classic & innovative, 

rocking & romantic, 

the iconic ZoeK jacket is a poem for your soul.

Made to Last

Zoe & her team combine various forms of painted visual art to create iconic jackets, clothing & anything that sparks her imagination.

With extraordinary attention to detail and an unrivaled love of painting, each unique design is hand-painted by skilled painter women at our Athens atelier. With the utmost respect for natural materials, each ZoeK piece is created to be worn season after season, with a distinct beauty that never ages or fades.

Sustainable Production

Local Production

Producing locally in Athens ensures a lower carbon footprint. 

Eco-friendly materials

The proportion of eco-friendly materials in our collections increase year by year. Organic cotton and certified materials form the majority of our collections.

Eco-friendly packaging

100% of our shipping boxes are now recyclable. 

Unique Experience

Each jacket & all together symbolize the unstoppable power of creation, connection, communication, affirmation & inspiration. 

The hand-painted designs and hand-embroidered details make every jacket remarkably stylish.

Reflecting a highly business, casual & multitasking styling profile, these jackets make it to the top of your genius closet.